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World Economic Forum on Latin America

UpLink: 50 Top Latin America Start-Ups 2018



The World Economic Forum on Latin America continues to be the foremost platform for bringing together leaders from government, business and civil society to shape the future of the region. This year, the World Economic Forum and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) – a member of the World Bank Group – are partnering to bring the top Latin American start-ups shaping the future of the region in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to the World Economic Forum on Latin America, taking place on 13-15 March 2018 in São Paulo, Brazil.

The selected start-ups will also join UpLink, a vibrant community of entrepreneurs who are enabling a societal and technological transformation in Latin America and across the globe. This effort forms part of the Forum’s broader Uplink initiative to accelerate and scale the success of start-ups.


The UpLink Latin America Start-Ups is a new regionally based initiative of the World Economic Forum, in collaboration with the IFC. Selected start-ups will join the global UpLink community as regional representatives and, as a first step, will be invited to take part in a tailored programme at the World Economic Forum on Latin America. By highlighting their work, this partnership can help enable innovation-oriented conversations whereby start-up leaders can make new connections with established businesses to discuss the future of their industries and their impact on society. 


Start-ups are selected by leading experts of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Latin America. Applications are sourced from across the region and carefully evaluated on the basis of specific selection criteria outlined in the application, including revenue generation, funding sources and the strength of the start-up environment in each country.


During the World Economic Forum on Latin America, start-ups will benefit from a tailored programme. In addition, they will be provided with opportunities to participate in meeting sessions where they can engage with high-level government representatives and leaders from the largest global companies, international organizations and academia, as well as with other entrepreneurs.

Looking forward

The initiative aims to further integrate Latin America’s top start-up leaders into national and regional dialogues about the region’s most pressing challenges. It will become a cornerstone of the World Economic Forum’s efforts to improve the state of Latin America.


- Application deadline for start-ups: 13 February 2018

- Announcement of selected start-ups: 20 February 2018

- Confirmation of interest from start-ups: 23 February 2018

- World Economic Forum on Latin America: 13-15 March 2018, São Paulo, Brazil



  • To be eligible for consideration, companies must have received at least one round of funding
  • If early stage, be generating revenue with demonstrated early success or have a working prototype that is ready to launch
  • If late stage, be considered a leader or high-potential company in their field
  • Demonstrate a commitment to making a substantial long-term impact on Latin American’s business and society
  • Not be a subsidiary or a joint venture

Final Comments

In the field “Additional Information” , at the end of this document, please include the following information: i) number of clients, ii) number of countries currently reached by the company; iii) impact on diversity indicators (such as, but not limited to, gender, race, etc) of its business as well as in the company’s shareholding structure if any and iv) impact indicators if applicable. Please also attach file with latest company presentation.

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